An effective Quality Management System (QMS) is critical for any security service to ensure that the services they provide meet the highest standards. A QMS provides a structured method for planning, implementing, monitoring, and improving processes to ensure that security services meet customer needs while ensuring the safety and well-being of employees. A well-implemented QMS can help minimize risks, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. In this sense, a QMS is an indispensable tool for any security service that wants to provide its services at the highest level.

Table of contents

1. integrated management policy of our company
2. quality target customer orientation
3. quality objective employee orientation
5. quality target degree of achievement
6. quality target independence
7. our management principles

1. integrated management policy of our company

In addition to competitive prices and compliance with all legal laws and
ordinances, the quality and reliability of our services has the highest
priority in our corporate objectives. These are in line with our
security-conscious actions as a professional service provider in the security market. This
is also reflected in our IMS and quality policy. The term IMS
or quality policy is used simultaneously, the term IMS due to the possible
Expansion and implementation of further management systems selected. It is subject to
through ongoing reviews (internal audits and management reviews) of the continuous
Improvement. The management is responsible for the QM system, in particular
for organizational changes regarding system documentation and
System changes, management evaluation, complaints, evaluation of
Corrective actions, planning of internal audits and evaluation of results. It is
also responsible for compliance with standards and legal requirements.
The guiding principle underlying all of our business activities for our thinking and
Action is the continuous improvement and regular review of the specific
requirements of our customers, the provision of state-of-the-art protective measures in the area
Occupational health and safety of the security industry and the adaptation to a
modern and target-oriented state of the art in the field of
Service preparation and delivery. In detail, this means that we will
Want to meet high-level quality goals.

2. quality target customer orientation

One of our most important quality goals is customer orientation. Here are the following
points are decisive:

– Assistance to all customers in the search for solutions in the field of the
Safety management, which mostly consists of the appropriate combination of
modern safety technology and innovative service provision through
professionally trained security personnel exists.

– Assurance to customers that our company is able to provide a
the legal as well as all the specific customer requirements resp.
service in line with customer requirements and a high-quality
Service to offer.

– Consistency of the quality of our service is ensured by our qualified
employees is ensured.

– Constant reassessment of our service standards with the aim of maintaining high
competitiveness and to continue to maintain the ever-increasing level of quality.

The customer is our most important success factor in the security market

Our goal is to make the customer feel that in our company he has the
most important role. We offer our customers the greatest possible support
in the planning and implementation of a security service, so that they and thus
ACTP Security Group GmbH can also operate successfully on the market. With this
we create the conditions for retaining customers in the long term.

To make this possible, the customers determine with us the required, defined and
specified quality level, mentioning all specific customer requirements.

3. quality objective employee orientation

The employees of ACTP Security Group GmbH have a high value in the
entire company, since it is through them that the corporate philosophy is lived. From
For this reason, the goal is to provide employees with the best possible conditions and
Provide qualifications for their area of responsibility to perform the required tasks in the
area of consulting and service provision with the highest level of competence to

By communicating down to the smallest part of each department, a
efficient environment that is at the same time fair, cooperative and team-oriented.
is. In order to achieve this goal of open and transparent communication, we find
Regular meetings with the leadership and management team, providing
Tools that allow changes and results from audits and management reviews to be
are published, takes place. The executives then evaluate the received
Information is forwarded to the employees of the departments/divisions, which are supported by
Newsletters or other forms of communication such as informational emails,
Employee appraisals or similar can be added.

One of our main foundations for a consistently high quality standard is the
Qualification of our employees through training, instruction and
Training measures in the field of safety. Through cooperative togetherness
between managers and employees, we motivate them to take a stronger
personal responsibility and higher commitment.

Employees are our most important asset

Service clothing, operational and command equipment, materials and other equipment
we buy not only after considering the financial aspects, but take into account
first of all the high functionality for our employees. Thereby play
in particular the protection classes and protection factors of the items concerned a
important role. Therefore, before introducing new items or materials, first
possible hazards are considered and evaluated. This also applies if, during a review
found that items or materials are missing or not present, even though
these would significantly increase the safety of our employees.
The main factors contributing to our success are the motivation, satisfaction, competence
and the sense of responsibility of our employees.
That’s why it’s our job to create the conditions or
further develop so that the competence and sense of responsibility of all
employees is maintained at the existing high standard and constantly improved.
We achieve this through the continuous training and development of our
Employees. But also regular feedback about the quality of our
service and the impact of daily work on customers promotes the
Quality awareness among our employees.

Every employee is responsible in his or her area of responsibility for ensuring the quality and
constantly question and optimize performance. Quality refers not only to the
service provided or to be provided, but rather quite significantly on the entire
Processes in the company of ACTP Security Group GmbH.

4. quality objective relationship with cooperation partners

The specific requirements placed on us from the customer’s point of view are met at all times.
to fulfill. In order to be able to realize this, ACTP Security Group GmbH is required to,
its external service providers and cooperation partners according to certain performance and
Select quality criteria.

The labor to be procured as part of the provision of services by external
Service provider will be provided in advance by reviewing all necessary and legally required
documents are reviewed and only if they comply with all of our core values regarding our
Company philosophy approved.

At the same time, any external service provider or cooperation partner must also meet all the requirements placed on our employees.
This includes participation in all mandatory continuing education events in order to
basically to deliver the promised quality to the customer via the ACTP
Security Group GmbH has booked.

We are in contact with our external service providers and cooperation partners about new
in the field of security technology as well as security services in constant contact.
In order to further expand this goal, we invite our partners to workshops and trainings
in order to intensify the cooperation and thereby to develop new aspects in the field of the
safety management to be developed further together.

5. quality target degree of achievement

Our organization ensures that all necessary information to achieve
of our set targets are available. In this context, the integrated
management policy provides the framework for the individual strategic and operational goals set.
This means for us:

– Regularly review whether the required financial and structural
Prerequisites are present,

– Ensure that all employees are involved in implementing and maintaining the
IMS are integrated and the necessary responsibilities are defined by us.

– The regular identification and review of the working and
Health Protection Standards,

– The regular review of the IMS by means of internal audits and permanent
Determining Compliance.

The management policy is implemented within the framework of quality management on the Internet
published. The ACTP Security Group GmbH has thus decided to provide the services
communicate externally with regard to management policy.

Annually, we commit to reviewing our management policies and to
to initiate necessary corrections in order to be able to achieve all goals.
We also take into account customer feedback from third parties or stakeholders who indirectly or
directly with customers to determine our level of compliance.
Management remains committed to ensuring that executives and employees
in the company that contribute to the effectiveness of the integrated management system
are to receive effective support.

The performance in the areas of neutrality, equal opportunity, respect for human and fundamental rights, compliance with
Legal regulations, quality assurance and occupational health and safety are discussed via concrete
key figures measurable and thus comprehensible.

Last but not least, we are aware of our responsibility towards our customers as well as our
employees aware of the need for professional fulfillment in the service sector.
relying on all our corporate principles. The security
of our employees and customers is very important to us and is an essential part of the
of our management policy.

6. quality target independence

So that the quality of our services does not solely serve the interests of the
management can be subordinated, a management team consisting of two
members integrated as a decision-making body in our company. The
management team continues to be a member of the extended management circle consisting of
the administrative management team and the management team. This can also be done with
Disagreement in the decision-making body on the administrative management team
to be able to make an objective decision.
At the same time, we as a company remain fundamentally committed to all stakeholders and customers.
professional, independent and neutral, in order to provide an adequate service.
to be able to provide. We condemn any politicization of services and stand
for an open and tolerant approach to all stakeholders.

7. our management principles

Better together! Problems and questions are solved across departments, whereby
we promote the exchange of opinions and information in terms of internal communication.

For this purpose we also use modern media such as video conferencing or similar.
Teamwork is mandatory for every employee in the security industry, as employees are
are exposed to a certain degree of risk in the area of safety. The
Personal responsibility and the associated motivation of the employee is during
of the service in terms of legal compliance and decision making.
The safety of the company and of third parties is considered to be very high for this very reason.

However, in order to always have the necessary information about the actual state of
in the company, we list targets. We want to know where we are
just as a company, what we have achieved so far as a joint team
and where or in which specialist areas we need to improve.
Each employee has to make his or her contribution to achieving his or her goals and the company’s goals
and, in the event of any deviations from the targets, to take measures to
and/or to inform the respective manager. The
The processing of employee-oriented goals takes place in employee meetings and the
Processing of corporate objectives in management reviews takes place.
In order to maintain a positive and appreciative working atmosphere, we cultivate in
our company a cooperative management style.

– Through employee training
– Through transparency in the transfer of operational tasks
– Through transparency in competence and responsibility
– By granting a high degree of personal responsibility
– Through employee appraisals
– Through constructive criticism by soliciting feedback
– Through the involvement of employees in business and service decisions

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