The training costs amount to CHF XXX This includes theory documents, teaching material, examination material and fees. Ammunition, equipment and armament are not included in the price

Terms of payment

The training costs are to be paid to our bank account before the start of the training. If the ACTP Security Group GmbH carries out the training, the registration is considered binding and obligates the participant to pay the training costs according to the contract. This also applies if the course is postponed by the participant.

Training organization

The courses are held exclusively with enough participants. ACTP Security Group GmbH reserves the right to postpone or combine classes with too few participants or to cancel the offer with refund of the training costs. This does not result in any financial or other claims against ACTP Security Group GmbH. For organizational reasons, we also reserve the right to change instructors or lessons during the training.


The conclusion of any insurance is the responsibility of the training participant. For professional trainings, the addition for driving other people’s vehicles must be added to the personal liability insurance.

Cancellations (will only be accepted in writing)

In case of cancellation at least 50 days before the start of the training, the cancellation fee is 20% of the training costs. For cancellations less than 50 days prior to the start of the training, the cancellation fee is 60% of the training cost. After less than 14 days before the start of the training, the training costs must be paid in full.

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